Kitchen Caucus is intended for food and policy enthusiasts who are interested in politically inspired recipes and commentary.  The blog officially launched on President’s Day, and a new recipe commemorating a past or current political happening will be added every day until the November presidential election.

“People are passionate about food and they are passionate about politics, especially during an election year,” said Lisa Brandt-Whittington, aka ‘The Kitchen Caucus Queen’. “I always felt that creating a blog that celebrates these passions provides a useful way to share recipes and ideas.  After all, the kitchen table is where most political discussions occur so having a recipe to match is a logical extension”.    

All political parties and food categories are featured and in some cases skewered in the Kitchen Caucus including appetizers, cocktails, breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo and includes a politically inspired name and commentary.  

You can also keep track of Kitchen Caucus at Kitchen Caucus Queen@LisaBW26 (twitter account)

About Lisa Brandt-Whittington:
Lisa Brandt-Whittington has over 25 years of experience in creating recipes, completing recipe makeovers or sprucing up typical dishes with fresh and healthy twists. Her extensive health and wellness expertise gives her the ability to create food that is delicious, balanced and practical with common brand inclusions as well as nutritional considerations. Her specialty is creative food idea development, novelty food ideas and food and nutrition writing. Many of Ms. Brandt-Whittington’s recipes have appeared in product sponsored publications and promotions. Lisa has an M.S. in Nutrition Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

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