Monday, September 5, 2022

Campari Spritzers for Company

Whether you have 2 or 5 friends with whom to celebrate a special occaision, you are only limited by the number of bottles of Campari, prosecco and club soda you have on hand. Cheers! Makes 6 refreshing, celebratory cocktails.

12 oz. (340 ml) Campari

1 bottle (750 ml) chilled prosecco

6 oz. (170 ml) chilled club soda

6 fresh orange slices

Fill 6 wine glasses with ice. Add 2 oz (56 ml) Campari to each glass, then top evenly with the prosecco and soda (125 ml and 28 ml, respectively). Cut slits in orange slices and slide onto rims of glasses.

Note: I like to think of this cocktail as the Italian cousin of the Aperol Spritzer, and of course, Aperol may be substituted for Campari.