Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ethel Kennedy's Punch

Happy Birthday, 
Ethel Kennedy!

April 11, 1928 - 84 years young TODAY
Robert and Ethel held many get-togethers at their home. Whether it was a pool party or a formal dinner party, the guest list was impressive and eclectic. Journalist Roger Mudd remembers meeting John Lennon at one such party. Other notable invitees included the Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, entertainer Judy Garland, dancer Rudolf Nureyev and historian Arthur Schlesinger, who found himself thrown into the pool fully clothed where Ethel was also already swimming fully clothed.[6]
The Kennedy children added to the wild atmosphere at Hickory Hill. Notoriously, Robert Jr. had a zoo in the basement. It was not unusual to see reptiles, a seal, an anteater, miniature ponies and even an elephant on the grounds.[7] Jackie found the children so wild that she did not allow Caroline and John Jr. to play with their cousins.[6]

Ethel Kennedy's Punch
 Makes about 16 (8 oz.) servings
After a few of these, it's easy to see how one might end up in a swimming pool fully clothed!

1 bottle (2 liters) cold ginger ale
1 bottle (750 ml) cold champagne
1 bottle (750 ml) cold dry sherry
1 cup cold cherry brandy

Pour ingredients in punch bowl.

Stir gently to combine.  Serve over ice.

Substitute sugar-free ginger ale

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