Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lockstep Luscious Mud Pie

Romney is distancing himself from Todd Akin, but he quietly agrees with those who would deny women abortions under ANY circumstances.

Lockstep Luscious Mud Pie
Makes 8 servings

It's hard to be mindful of good intentions when this dessert is so decadent!

2/3 cup caramel topping

1 tablespoon bourbon

1 (9-inch) chocolate (i.e., Oreo) pie crust

1.75 qt. container chocolate ice cream, softened

1/2 cup chocolate chips, divided

1/2 cup finely chopped toasted pecans

Combine caramel topping and bourbon in small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH 30 seconds or until soft enough to whisk until combined. Pour half of the mixture into pie crust and spread evenly with offset spatula. Freeze 15 minutes.

Spoon half of the ice cream over caramel layer, spreading evenly. Top with half of the chocolate chips and half of the pecans. Freeze 15 minutes; repeat layers. Drizzle with remaining caramel. Cover and freeze 4 hours or overnight.

Let stand at room temperature 10 minutes before serving.

This ice cream pie is typically prepared with coffee-flavored ice cream, something I don't personally care for.  If you prefer, substitute 2 qts. coffee flavored ice cream, softened, for the chocolate ice cream.

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