Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Misfortunate Metaphor Matzo Ball Soup

I am so tired of all of the OUTRAGE and GOTCHA moments on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.  Please, make it stop so I can write about something important!

Misfortunate Metaphor Matzo Ball Soup
Makes 14 servings, 1 cup each with 1 matzo ball

Y'all gonna LOVE THIS!

1 Tbsp. olive oil
8 chicken legs & thighs, disjointed, skin removed
Kosher salt and pepper
1 Bermuda onion, sliced
12 cups boiling water
6 carrots, peeled and diced
6 celery stalks, diced
6 red potatoes, cubed
1 box Streits or Manischewitz Matzo Ball and Soup Mix
¼ cup fresh chopped curly parsley

Heat oil in large soup pot.  Add onion.  Cook and stir 5 minutes or until just starting to sweat and caramelize.  Add chicken in 2 batches, brown both sides on medium high heat, seasoning with Kosher salt and pepper.  Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and braise all of the chicken 20 min. or until chicken releases its juices.  Add boiling water to pot; cover.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer partially covered 30 minutes.

Strain soup.  Return strained broth to soup pot.  Remove bones from chicken and tear chicken into bite-size pieces.  Add chicken to broth with carrots, celery and potatoes.  Add 1 tsp. salt and ½ tsp. pepper; stir and taste, add more salt and pepper if that’s your preference.  Bring to a simmer. 

Meanwhile, prepare matzo ball mix from box – you’ll need oil and eggs (discard soup mix or use later).  Roll matzo balls as directed and cook as directed, covered, in prepared soup. Stir in parsley just before serving.


I learned the trick about matzo balls from my friend Carol Smoler.  When I was learning how to make this soup many years ago, she advised me to buy the “matzo ball and soup mix” as opposed to “matzo ball mix”.  The matzo balls are less dense, more like what you get when you order a good bowl of matzo ball or mish mosh soup in a deli.  

My method for preparing chicken soup came from Edna Lewis, a great African American Southern cook.  She taught me to braise the chicken in a covered pot or skillet to get the rich color and flavor that makes this soup so great. NO BROTH OR SOUP BASE ADDED!

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