Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Dogg'n It

How can anybody NOT love Michelle Obama?


Because Michelle's a good sport and she just went with the moment.

German-style veal hot dogs
Good quality freshly baked rolls
Fresh condiments: Chopped tomatoes, Bermuda onion and cucumbers; spicy German mustard.

Grill hot dogs to golden brown perfection.

Serve hot dogs in buns with the condiments.

In Chicago, we have a PHENOMENAL deli on the northwest side of the city called Andi's Deli (  They are predominantly a Polish deli, but they have other European offerings, including the thick-skinned German-style veal hot dogs that my mother used to prepare for us when I was a kid (by the way: this type of hot dog is gluten free).  They are still one of her favorite foods, and since she and my dad are visiting today, I thought I'd surprise her.

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